Re: Draft release announcement

Arnaud Charlet <charlet ACT-Europe FR> writes:

> You did not mention at all the other library dependencies (libpng, libz,
> libjpeg, libtiff), is that intentional ? Even if they are not maintained
> by the Gtk+ team, I'd expect them to be mentioned somewhere as dependencies.

I wasn't planning for the release announcement to cover information 
about building GTK+ ... there is complete information about dependencies
in the installation instructions I posted to a link to yesterday.

This particular release announcement was in fact meant to be a blanket
release announcement for all four libraries... it's basically phrased
as a GTK+ release announcement, because that's what's interesting from
the user's point of view.

Do you think that it's interesting to mention the dependencies in the
release announcement from a "news" point of view rather than a "how to 
build" point of view?

(From a credits point of view, I'd want to start with the three
libraries we include bits and pieces of libcharset, FriBidi, and Xft,
and go on to the more "unusual" dependencies - libiconv, gettext, Xft,
before getting into the standard image libraries.., but basically there
is only so much that can be mentioned.)


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