GTK+-2.0.0 release notes

Here is the list of problems and things to watch out for that I plan to include
with the GTK+-2.0 announcement. It's certainly not complete, but hopefully
covers the most important issues. Anything else that should be added?



* The default configuration of GTK+ has been stream-lined to reduce confusion
  on the part of new users or users coming from other environments. 
  Users used to older versions of GTK+ may want to make some adjustments 
  to the default configuration.

   - Emacs keybindings such as Control-A and Control-E to move to the ends of
     lines are not enabled by default in the editing widgets. To turn on Emacs 
     keybindings, add the line:

      gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"
     To your ~/.gtkrc.

   - Editing of menu accelerators by pressing an accelerator over the menu item
     is disabled by default. To enable, it, add:

      gtk-can-change-accels = 1

     to your ~/.gtkrc.

   - To improve useability for keyboard operation, GTK+ now selects the contents
     of an entry when tabbing into it or when it is focused on initial window
     map. To disable this behavior, add:

      gtk-entry-select-on-focus = 0
     to your ~/.gtkrc

* The GTK+ libraries use an '_' prefix to indicate private symbols that must
  not be used by applications. The intention was not to export symbols 
  beginning with prefixes such as _gtk, _gdk, and _pango from the libraries
  at all, but due to a bug in libtool, they are actually exported at the
  moment on some platforms (including Linux). Applications that use
  these private symbols _will_ break when this bug is fixed.

* The Xft library that GTK+ uses to display anti-aliased fonts will undergo
  a major version revision in the next few months. To deal with this, by
  default, GTK+ and Pango are built so that applications will not have 
  explicit dependencies on version 1 on Xft. To make sure that your application
  will be binary compatible with future versions of GTK+:

    - Do not configure Pango or GTK+ with the --enable-static or --enable-explicit 
      otions, since they will cause dependencies on Xft version 1.

    - Do not use Xft directly in your applicatons.

* There is a bug in the Xft library in XFree86-4.1 and possibly previous versions
  that causes random crashes when using the Pango Xft backend. If you want to 
  use Xft fonts, you should upgrade to XFree86-4.2.

* The gdk_pixbuf_xlib library included in the contrib/ directory of GTK+
  is provided on a as-is basis and has not been tested at all. No guarantees
  about the degree of workingness or about future compatibility are provided.

* There are known problems with some of the image loaders in the gdk-pixbuf
  library included in GTK+ where corrupted images can cause crashes and
  conceivably worse problems. Until these problems are fixed (we hope to have
  this done for 2.0.1), gdk-pixbuf should not be used to load untrusted data.

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