GTK+ translation status

Is this purely something that only distribution packagers should care
about, or should the core GTK+ team make include some assessment of
the usability of the various translations? Some .po files have lots of
fuzzy translations that are at least annoying, at the worst totally
wrong and misleading. For example, fi.po:

#: gtk/gtktreeviewcolumn.c:274
#, fuzzy
msgid "Whether the column can be reordered around the headers"
msgstr "Voiko käyttäjä muuttaa tekstiä"

(that Finnish string meaning "Can the user change the text")

Fuzzy translations are IMHO much worse than missing
translations. Should the fuzzy ones be commented out? Should the "bad"
translations be excluded from "make install"? Isn't it possible to
prevent the automatic generation of these fuzzy translations?


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