Re: Should gtk call bind_textdomain_codeset() also for glib20?

Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> writes:

> Shouldn't gtk_init_check() call
> 	  bind_textdomain_codeset("glib20","UTF-8")? 
> Otherwise localised error strings from GLib (used at least in
> gtkfilesel.c) might be in some random codeset?
> What about error messages from strerror() (through g_strerror()), they
> are presumably in the locale's default codeset, and should be
> converted with g_locale_to_utf8()?

This area is a mess, and something that we can't really deal with
right now before 2.0.0.

I sent mail to this list some while ago saying that the GLib
translated strings should in fact be in UTF-8, and the 
g_print(), g_warning(), etc, functions should do encoding conversion
to the encoding of the locale.


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