Re: default signal return value

> Are you sure you want an accumulator? It's only used for event signals
> so that returning TRUE will end the signal emission.
> To set the default return you may need to use g_signal_emitv() instead 
> of g_signal_emit(), but I'm not sure.

Mmmh, I have to think a little bit about this. Actually you are right, I
don't need an accumulator. I use it for instance when I move my entry from
cell to cell in gtksheet. If you don't want the user to move the entry to
that particular cell, or leave the current cell, then your return value
should be FALSE, otherwise is TRUE.
> Note that GTK_TYPE_ are all deprecated these days, there are G_TYPE
> equivalents.

Then there's a lot of code that need to be fixed ;-), I've found a lot of
GtkType's and GTK_TYPE's around.
Thanks a lot!

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