RE: how fill GtkTreeIter?

After appending you have to call gtk_tree_store_set to set the value

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On 2002.03.02 22:09 Nitin Madhukar Yewale wrote:
> Please refer pdf document for the same
> regards,
> Nitin

Thanks for your mercy. I've found some of invaluable knowledge reading this

but the paper say "why use iter?" rather than "how use iter?"
example of Appendix A skips the really important "how" part as
(I've seen this name on overview of gtk-doc online. what's latest?)

I give a function to sample replaced the line:
    gtk_tree_store_append( model, iter, NULL );
surely GtkTreeIter *iter; declared.
make and run, then full of message scroll terminal.
one line is this:
    07716:	symbol=_gdk_event_button_generate;  lookup in
it changes continuosly when I click on widgets, hover, or do something else.

and a skyblue row is there in treeview. empty.

What did I miss?
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