GTK+ schedule update

OK, I'm a some days behind where I wanted to be on the GTK+-2.0.0
release. :-(, due to:

 - Some last minute things coming up. (Keybindings being completely
   broken without the XKEYBOARD extension)
 - Non last-minute things taking longer than expected.
 - Non-GTK+ stuff taking time.

About what you might expect. The revised schedule I'm working with
at this point is:

 - GTK+-2.0.0 release candidate tarballs tomorrow morning
 - Final release probably Thursday.

I'd actually think it would be better if the GTK+-2.0.0 release
candidate tarballs _did not_ go in the GNOME rc1 release; the reason
for this is that they'll have exactly the same library names (not just
the sonames, but as the final 2.0.0 release
and I think it might be a bit confusing if we get lots of people
installing these tarballs.

(There won't be enough time between the 2.0.0 rc tarballs and the
2.0.0 final release for me to get useful feedback from the GNOME
RC release.)

So, I'd ask you to go either with 1.3.15 or wait for the final 2.0.0.


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