Re: AC_DIVERT_PUSH and autoconf2.52

Dan Kegel <dank kegel com> writes:

> I need to cross-compile glib, and that's easier to
> do with autoconf2.52 than with the old autoconf2.13.
> However, glib's,
> uses the macro AC_DIVERT_PUSH which is not a documented
> part of autoconf, and which no longer works the same way
> in autoconf2.52 (autoconf2.52 fails, complaining of a
> non-numeric argument to divert).
> mentioned this issue, and said 'we'll have to find some
> other way to handle this'.
> Any suggestions for how to fix the use of AC_DIVERT_PUSH?
> Or any chance it could become a published macro with
> interface identical to that of the internal 2.13 one?

I assume you are trying to compile glib-1.2.x since glib-1.3.x
(very soon to be glib-2.0) _only_ configures with autoconf-2.52
or newer.

Yuu might want to grab the sources for glib-1.3.15 and see
how we handle it there. (There is still 2.13/2.52 compat code in
there since we only recently switched to requiring 2.5x ...


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