Re: Dependency libraries and ABI

Mirko Streckenbach <strecken infosun fmi uni-passau de> writes:

> Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:
> >  - Omit dependency libraries from the pkg-config output lines if we
> >    think we are on a platform that support shared library dependencies.
> >    We could autodetect this or, more simply, have a configuration
> >    option --disable-direct-dependencies (or something.)
> > 
> >    [ This breaks static linking, of course, but not many people want to 
> >    static link. In the future, we can enhance pkg-config to have some
> >    special support for static-linking-only dependencies. ]
> > 
> >    This means that will pull in, but the
> >    app won't pull it in explicitely, so as long as the app isn't
> >    using Xft directly, we can change GTK+ to link against
> Remving -lXft from the .pc file won't be enough, because libtool
> stores this dependency in its .la file and may pull -lXft in again
> for every binary/library (transitivly) linked with -lpangoxft. As
> long as libtool is involved and libtool's .la files are not removed
> after installation, more things linked against gtk may be linked against
> Xft (at least on Linux or Solaris, libtool on other platform may vary),
> regardless of what is in the .pc file:

Indeed, my current patch for dealing with the issue has a like:

sed "s/dependency_libs=.*/dependency_libs=''/" < $1 > $1T && mv $1T $1

That is run, at 'make install' time.


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