Re: Problems with OBJDIR != SRCDIR

Am Sam, 2002-06-22 um 20.48 schrieb Owen Taylor:

> Some SRCDIR != BUILDDIR problems are to be expected with GTK+
> because:
>  A) We do generated file generation in srcdir because we
>     distribute them.

Interestingly making the offending file by typing 
make -C gdk gdkenumtypes.h
in the BUILDDIR built it right there (not in the SRCDIR)
so I suspect this could be fixable by a dependency or something.

>  C) GTK+'s build process exceeds the complexity that make can
>     handle easily.

Never try to build with static linking. That does not work at all
because all demos/tests try to link dynamically. :/

> I _suspect_ that if you typed make again, things problem would
> have worked.

Nope, I tried that not just to see whether it works but also to
get the error message again to post it. After building this one file 
manually it went through though....

> When I have time (hah!) I plan on redoing all the generation rules in
> the gdk/ gtk/ makefiles over with automake-1.6.

You can rely on me to give it a good spanking if you do. I'm doing all
sorts of nasty stuff here that detects any problem....


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