Re: GTK 2.0 5 times slower than 1.2

ERDI Gergo <cactus cactus rulez org> writes:

> On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, ERDI Gergo wrote:
> > This is despite "arial", times new roman" and "courier new" specified in
> > /etc/pango/pangoft2.aliases. /etc/pango/pangorc's PangoFT2 section
> > contains the correct path to the TrueType fonts.
> > So, what's going on here?
> I should also add that according to strace, /etc/pango/pangoft2.aliases is
> not even read.

Wed Jun 12 11:02:04 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor redhat com>

	* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST) examples/pangoft2.aliases:
	Remove pangoft2.aliases from CVS/distribution; it is
	no longer used. (#82736, Sven Neumann.)

For Xft, Pango has always used /etc/X11/XftConfig (Pango head uses
a different file /etc/fonts/fonts.conf)

PangoFT2 used to used a separate config file but was switched to
share the Xft config file some months before the pango-1.0.0 


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