Re: [PATCH] GIterator

On Sat, 08 Jun 2002, James Henstridge wrote:

> Joel Becker wrote:
> >        I've also added some nice convenience functions to do things
> >like iterate GLists and create a GValueIterator from a GIterator.  As
> >a side effect of the implementation, "generators" ala python are also
> >quite possible.  There is an example of a generator in testglib.c.
> >
> I talked with Joel on IRC, and this is a bit of a misunderstanding on 
> the term generator.  You would need to allocate a new stack for the 
> generator, and probably play some setjmp()/longjmp() hacks to implement 
> one (it might be a bit easier using a cothread library though).


Just thought I'd chime in at this point -- I've adapted the portable
machine context switching code from GNU Pth into a cothread library that
is actively used by one of GStreamer's schedulers. It's in a standalone
cvs module, cothreads/ under gstreamer's sf cvs repository. The intent
is to do some more work on it and eventually propose it for inclusion
into GLib. It's pretty good right now, but I need to run through it and
clean up a few things and write some docs.

Anyway, wanted to let you know of this project, as you brought up the



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