Re: multihead problems

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:

> Hey,
> 	I've a couple of problems with multihead support ..
> 	* There seems to be no way to parse a gtkrc string with a
> 	  specific context, and thus, for a specific screen. I've
> 	  attached a patch which splits out the context specific
> 	  stuff into gtk_rc_parse_string_with_context.

Do you actually need a way to parse *different* strings on different
screens? The natural thing to do is to make gtk_rc_parse_string()
parse the string for all contexts and parse it for future
contexts when they are created.

(We are already saving the string so we can reparse it on theme reload.)


> 	* I'm getting some warnings about using gtk_window_get_pointer
> 	  with window = NULL. Fix for that below too.

That part of the patch looks OK to commit.


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