RE: Frame around client window using theme-engine


I got a patch working! Now I also finally understand how this 
'detail' argument works. I'd like to add the patch to 'bugzilla'
but where can I find this?

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You probably want your engine to do something different based on the
"detail" field, e.g. in GTK 2 the window is drawn like this:

static void
gtk_window_paint (GtkWidget     *widget,
                  GdkRectangle *area)
  gtk_paint_flat_box (widget->style, widget->window, GTK_STATE_NORMAL,
                      GTK_SHADOW_NONE, area, widget, "base", 0, 0, -1,

Not sure about 1.2 but maybe the same possibility is there.

BTW if you patch Notif you might put the result in bugzilla, 
others could benefit from a nicer Notif engine.


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