Re: bugs for GTK+-2.0.6 release


There are two bugs which have patches which I would like you to consider for 
inclusion in 2.0.6:

87904 Checkboxes, Togglebuttons, Radiobuttons don't focus when you press their 
87159 Suggested keynav revision for moving between multiple menus/toolbars


> I'm planning to start work on a GTK+-2.0.6 release tomorrow.
> My current plan is to release *exactly* what is in CVS now:
> I think we need a new release to fix bug #85976
> (menu keynav problems with insensitive menu items), and to
> get out some tree view fixes that Kris and Jonathan have
> done; but I don't really have time to go through bugzilla.
> I'd like to ask people if they know of any other bugs that are:
>  - Urgent (crashes, bad misbehavior)
>  - Tracked down to something specific
>  - We have a patch, or it should be easy to make a patch.
> There are some feature additions (especially the Hangul input
> method module and hangul-xft shaper) that are, unfortunately,
> probably going to get pushed off to the next release again.
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
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