Re: rpath problems

Noah Levitt <nlevitt columbia edu> writes:

> I think I've discovered a solution to my problem. Some of
> the's set LDFLAGS, but omit @LDFLAGS   The
> ./configure-time contents of $LDFLAGS are lost. I don't
> think this is ideal behavior, and I think an appropriate
> solution is to use AM_LDFLAGS instead of LDFLAGS. Then,
> LDFLAGS will inherit $LDFLAGS, and all will be well.
> I haven't actually tested this; I had problems getting the
> configury to work with the cvs sources. I'm pretty confident
> that it will work, though, so I submit it for your
> consideration.

AM_LDFLAGS is a automake-1.5 or automake-1.6 addition, so
we can't use it at the moment -- we still are automake-1.4

Other solutions (as Albert Chin suggested) should work.

Would you mind filing this issue in


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