Re: [Usability] The state of keyboard navigation

when discussing keynav for toolbars Owen stated

 A different approach would be to handle key navigation in a GtkMenu
 with menus popped down through the normal focus system. (But not put
 menu bars and toolbars in the normal focus chain.) So, F10 would
 focus the menu bar, toolbar, etc, but not establish a grab. The grab
 would only be established when the first menu was popped up.

Will a patch to achieve be accepted?


> Hi,
> Just to be sure people know: there is still time to apply keynav
> patches to GTK to fix any of the deficiencies Calum has found, but
> that time is rapidly decreasing. After 2.0.0 Owen said he might want
> all such patches in the 2.2 branch.
> Volunteers needed...
> Havoc
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