Re: New release of GTK+ libraries (1.3.12)

 > > If you want to have working g_locale_{to,from}_utf8() functions,
 > > you need to use MultiByteToWideChar() or WideCharToMultiByte() 

 > Do you volunteer?

Calls to those *are* already in GLib, I was just indicating that you
do need to stuff from the Win32 API even if building for Cygwin.

 > > But how well does "make check" work?

 > (process:720): GLib-WARNING **: gdate.c:1378:g_date_strftime()Error converting format to C:
 > Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'C' is not supported

 > FAIL: date-test

This might go away if you define WIN32 when compiling
libcharset/localcharset.c, then _g_locale_charset() returns the
current Windows code page, which iconv() should know better than "C".

 > (process:332): ** ERROR **: file type-test.c: line 126 (main): assertion failed: (gi64t1 == gi64t2)
 > aborting...
 > FAIL: type-test

Dunno about this. Are you sure that configure got the 64-bit int
formats OK, and that the Cygwin C library supports them correctly?

 > [...]
 > FAIL: uri-test

Umm, yes, I get this, too, on plain Win32. Haven't bothered looking
closer yet, the test cases are rather patologic.


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