1.3.15 reminder / must-fix bugs

As a reminder, 1.3.15 is scheduled for this Friday and I'd like to
have only minor changes between 1.3.15 and 2.0.0 a week later.
What I have on the 1.3.15 milestone currently is:

Major work items
50300 gtk       gtk+      Make keybindings handle modifiers properly 
50919 gtk       gtk+      Finish Plug/Socket 
66024 gtk       gtk+      pad classes that we might want to extend 
68474 gtk       gtk+      module path defaults 
  56916 gtk       gtk+      GtkModule fixes 
  51833 gtk       gtk+      ABI dependent module directories 

Important bugs
55011 gtk       gtk+      Redo sizing to fix hysteresis and other problems 
  65986 gtk       gtk+      Resize problem (button changes size on button press) 
55117 gtk       gtk+      Fix handling of text/plain 

Quick fixes/outstanding patches
50286 gtk       gtk+      Rework default theme 
51027 gtk       gtk+      patch to change scroll behavior from half page to full page 
60132 gtk       gtk+      problem with combo entry pop-down window 
64240 gtk       gtk+      GtkFontSelection: set_font_name doesn't seem to update widge 
70024 general   glib      syntax error in gmessages.h 
71052 gtk       gtk+      slider overshoot the trough

I suspect this is about as much as I can get done this week. If you
think there are important major items not here please follow up and we
can discuss how to get them fixed. If you send attach patches to other
bugs, please put them on the 1.3.15 milestone so I'll remember to look
at them. (If you don't have permissions in bugzilla to set the
milestone, send me personal mail and I'll change the milestone.)

Also, I'd be interested in getting nominations for must-fix bugs for

My personal feelings for criterion on must-fix bugs are:

 - Crash or major misbehavior triggered in plausible circumstances.
 - Would cause compatibility problems if fixed later.


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