Re: [Usability] Re: A bunch of UI issues

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 05:01, lukekendall optushome com au wrote:
> (If you clicked in the middle of a scrollbar, you jumped to the middle.
> If you clicked at the top, you jumped straight to the top.  It was
> brilliant. Page up and down were by shift-click on the up/down arrows,
> which of course were adjacent rather than at opposite ends of the
> scrollbar.)

What I don't understand about that is why they put them only at one
end. :)

> I always thought that a scrollbar where you could just to mark the
> current position (so a clickable mark would appear in the scrollbar),
> would have been incredibly useful.  Like vi's mark and jump (m and ')
> functions for jumping around in a file to places you decided were
> significant.
> The problem with David's suggestion is if you paged through a context,
> the scrollbar would be filled with ghost images.

I was thinking of just leaving one ghost the last place you went --
solving the "Wait, I didn't want to scroll after all" problem which
seems to be what MS' snap-back-if-you-drag-too-far-sideways "feature"
is supposed to solve.

A bookmarkable scrollbar would be something else (and also pretty 
cool if it could be done cleanly enough.)

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