GtkTreeView status report

Hi All,

This is a small status report for GtkTreeView. It's basically a small
overview of bugs left for 2.0.0, which need to be fixed before the
release. Progress isn't really fast, as Jonathan can't work much on 
treeview at the moment. So I'm trying to fix some the of remaining bugs.
Generally, we're getting there.

Of course we appreciate any help fixing the remaining bugs. If you want
to help, please contact Jonathan or me (or even better, just contact
both :).

Bugs left for 2.0.0: 13

Query used:

Small bugs:

61866 Treeview search shortcut shouldn't be ctrl-s
        We just need to decide about a good key binding here.

63269 TreeView modification so that cells be editible on double click
        Problem here is that we currently overload double click in 2
ways. Expand/collapse, and "activate".  Additionally, single click
selects and starts editing. Need to find out what the right behaviour

69095 No easy way to set mnemonic on GtkTreeViewColumn title button
        Jonathan's proposal is to turn on mnemonics, and be done with
it. Perhaps the right behaviour should be to activate the button if it's

70782 drag in treeview drags wrong item (off by 1)
        Most issues have been resolved -- only one small bit left. I
assigned the bug to myself and will try to fix the remaining issue ASAP.

Bugs we need to look into:

56467 GtkTreeView drag & drop generates multiple signals
        This just needs some debugging I think.

69900 Misdrawn focus-rectangle in low-visibility theme
        Needs some debugging.

70631 gtk_tree_store_clear crashes
        I've got a patch for this. But Jonathan wanted to find out why
the current code doesn't work. There's a theory in the bug comments.

Big bugs which need some major work:

53580 KEYNAV: GtkTreeView
        According to the GtkTreeView keynav document (for URL, see the
bug comments), we aren't really done here. We just need to fix (read:
add) most of the keybindings proposed in the document.

50288 Need to be able to flip the tree widget
        Don't need to explain this one :/

50310 Setting min/max width on TreeViewColumn doesn't properly recompute
        I got a feeling that this one can turn out to be sucky.
59028 Tree view should honor GtkContainer::border_width
        Sounds easy, but I think this is going to be painful.

60272 gtk_tree_view_scroll_to_cell doesn't consider header
        According to Jonathan it needs the dy patch (which is about done
and needs some testing/reviewing) and needs validate_rows to go

70479 DnD with multiple selected items won't work
        Can turn out to be hard.



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