Re: Padding API


> > One way to do this that might work for other things is a padding widget.
> > I imagine it'd be a GtkBin subclass:
> > 
> > struct _GtkPad
> > {
> >   GtkBin bin;
> >   guint  pad_left;
> >   guint  pad_right;
> >   guint  pad_top;
> >   guint  pad_bottom;
> > }
> > 
> Yes, I think that's a decent idea. I've often needed this and ended up
> sticking an empty GtkAlignment somewhere and setting its size as a
> random bit of padding. In general I think many layouts would be
> simpler if you could just say "insert padding here" - the problem is
> that GTK always has "border width" or "xpad" or "xscale" when you
> really want to independently vary all 4 sides. I find that I almost
> never want to pad 2 or 4 sides, I always want a single 12-pixel
> spacer.

Specifying *anything* in pixels seems wrong to
me... What happens when 300dpi electronic
paper finally arrives? :-)

Written on sharp zaurus, because my Velo1 broke. If you have Velo you don't need...

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