ATK-1.2.0 released

ATK-1.2.0 is now available for download from:

ATK-1.2.0 is a stable release, which adds new functionality
as compared to ATK-1.1.0 while maintaining binary and source 

New features in ATK-1.2.0:

 - Incremental API additions including several new 
   roles and relationships and a facility for getting
   localized names for roles and actions.
 - Translations via gettext

About ATK

The ATK library provides a set of interfaces for accessibility.
By supporting the ATK interfaces, an application or toolkit can
be used with such tools as screen readers, magnifiers,
and alternative input devices.

Atk provides a core set of interfaces which are common to all 
widgets and "additional" interfaces that are appropriate to certain 
classes of widgets and whose existence can be queried at run time. 
It also provides interfaces which an application can use to provide 
additional accessibility information to assistive technology tools.

The GAIL package, available from:

provides an implementation of the ATK interfaces for the GTK+
user interface toolkit.

More information about ATK is available from:

ATK is maintained by Padraig O'Briain and Bill Haneman.

The following other people contributed to the ATK-1.2.0 release:

 Tor Lillqvist, Mark McLoughlin, Dan Mills, Havoc Pennington, 
 Sebastian Rittau, Christian Rose, Soeren Sandmann, Manish Singh, 
 Owen Taylor


 Vincent van Adrighem, Jean-Michel Ardantz, Abigail Brady, 
 Pablo Gonzalo del Campo, Yanko Kaneti, Ole Laursen, George Lebl, 
 Jordi Mallach, Kjartan Maraas, Dmitry G. Mastrukov, Christian Neumair,
 Gil Osher, Hasbullah Bin Pit, Pablo Saratxaga, Yuriy Syrota, 
 Andras Timar, Artis Trops, Daniel Yacob

22 December 2002

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