Re: GDK: Window resizing

This helps a bit...
Now I resize my window, and generate a "configure" and a "expose" event... It seems to work much better
but not all the way... My biggest questionmark now is why the width is not changed in the resize.... is
there some
"feature" in gtk/gdk that make the button in the arrow example not be resized in x only in y?

Owen Taylor skrev:
> "Stefan Andersen" <spamfilter zingo org> writes:
>> Im currently working on a port of glib/gdk/gtk (atk/pango) to the AmigaDE/Elate platform and I have some
>> question..  My current
>> problem is that Im little unsure on how window-resize is handled, and what I am expected to do to get the resize
>> work....  This is what I try to do now based on looking on code from gdk/x11 and
>> gdk/win32.
>> I have a function (elate_gdkwineventfunc()) that will detect the OS event and try to convert it to an gdk-event
>> this works well for a GDK_DELETE but I have big trouble with resizing. basicly my Idea of the whole thing was that
>> it would be enugh to make a GDK_CONFIGURE event and just _gdk_event_queue_append(event) it and i expected a redraw
>> and a resize call back from the gdk machinerary but does not happend... and locking into the code from x11 and
>> win32 the internal gdkwindow object seems to be updated befor the event is inserted into gdk with
>> _gdk_event_queue_append()
>> The behavior I get is that the main window seems untouched, it is not redrawn or resized.... the childwindows are
>> resized but only in hight not in the width (but this might be my fault I have not
>> investigated in this before) the example I use to thest this in is the gtk arrow example, that consist of a window
>> with 4 arrow buttons in diferent direction.
> I think the basic thing you are missing is that on X, when you
> get a Configure event on the top level, the toplevel has already
> been resized. GTK simply reacts to this new size. If your windowing system doesn't work like this, then you should
> resize the toplevel in GDK before informing GTK of the new size.
> Regards,
>                                         Owen

Stefan "Zingo" Andersen   ( and

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