Re: Patch against gtk+2.0.6 to fix an issue with xsettings [WAS: Re: gtk+-2.0 and xsettings protocol]

Hi James,

> Is there any reason why you can't work with GTK 2.0's XSettings client? 
> (the GtkSettings object).  You can register new XSettings properties you 
> are interested in with gtk_settings_install_property() (if it hasn't 
> already been registered by gtk+), then use the standard g_object_get() 
> API on the GtkSettings object to read values, and listen on the 
> "notify::propertyname" signal to get notification when the setting changes.

I already do that for double-click-time, but that's a property that is
used by gtk too.

As far as I can tell, the gtk_settings_install_property() works with
both .gtkrc file and xsettings.

I don't need the settings to be set in .gtkrc, but in other
configuration file. I know I could override this with some code, but
still, it will have to read the .gtkrc, then my own config file and at
last the xsetting

Dunno, maybe you're probably right. I should do that. I'll try with that

I guess I've been confused with the xsettings sample implementation that
compiles fine on gtk+-2.0 but doesn't work as expected.

PS: Sorry for cross posting, but since I started this thread on
gtk-app-devel, then posted my patch on gtk-devel-list, I keep those two
posted so that people can follow the thread. If that's a problem, please
forgive me ;-)

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