GtkPlug / GtkSocket & theming ...

Hi Owen,

	I'm trying to fix the (rather nasty) theming issues in-proc with
plug/socket caused by the two (unneccesary) GdkWindows in between, and
the fact that neither are/can-be NO_WINDOW widgets.

	Thus things like the GtkToolbar background don't behave nicely even
with an in-proc child, since the toolbar relies on having no window
children in order to get the background contiguous, and pleasant.

	So ... I'm wondering how to get around this; whether you would be
interested in me adding code to GtkSocket that would [ as soon as the
in-proc case was detected ] get rid of the re-parenting of X windows
bits, set plug and socket to NO_WINDOW and propagate the parent
GdkWindow window down the hierarchy as far as is neccessary.

	Or - should I resort to doing this myself inside bonobo-control-frame
for the in-proc case ? or neither - resign myself to acute ugliness in
theming and controls.

	Ultimately whatever happens has to be a stop-gap measure until the set
of widgets required in toolbars can be represented cleanly with XML
across the process boundary, but it'd be nice to stop nautilus looking
bad before Gnome 2.4 or whenever :-)

	Thanks for any input,


 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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