Re: Pango: Ft2 versus Xft fonts

>   Hi,
> I am trying to teach my programme to print using Pango
> so that I get somewhat closer to WYSIWYG for GTK 2.0.
> A quick search on google reveals that I am not the
> only one looking for solutions to this problem. In
> any case, my current approach is to use Pango's FT2
> engine to draw outlines which I then send to a PostScript
> file. This works well, but my problem is that the 
> FT2 backend doesn't use the same fonts as the Xft
> backend

I found out that my problem is probably somewhere else.
I ran the little test "pangoft2togm HELLO.utf8 > test.pgm"
and the output is a white square. I then upgraded from
my old freetype version to 2.1.2 and the output is still
a white square. Then I had a look at the paps programm
(Pango To PostScript) and it only writes Latin text and
no Greek, Hebrew, Chinese etc Obviously, me setup is not
right, but since I am running the most recent SuSE 8.0
and Pango draws everything nicely on screen, I don't know
where to look.

Thanks for any hint,


Robert Roebling, <robert roebling medizin uni-ulm de>

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