Re: What is a non-editable spinbutton?

On 2002.08.09 12:39 Matthias Clasen wrote:
> You're right. Non-editable spinbuttons really don't make much sense, then. 

Perhaps it depends how you use disabling of widgets. I can just
about concieve of a dialog that has a spinbutton that holds a
value which under one configuration is user-editable; under
another configuration the value has no meaning and so the
spinbutton is disabled; finally, under yet another configuration,
the value has meaning but is not user-editable. Instead, the
value is determined by the setting of other controls in the
dialog and it is useful to feed back to the user the value
which will apply. In this highly contrived situation, an enabled,
non-editable spinbutton might make some sense.

For the record: I think non-editable should mean non-editable
by any means.

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