Re: fonts in gtk-2.0/pango

Allin Cottrell <cottrell wfu edu> writes:

> Thank you for putting me onto the right track.  It was a freetype
> problem for me too, but in my case the problem was that the freetype
> version was too recent (version 2.1.2) rather than too old.  After
> installing 2.0.9 I get the correct font metrics.  It would be nice if
> pango's configure script gave an error message when one tries to build
> against freetype 2.1.2.

Why would it do that? To my knowledge it works more or less 
perfectly with 2.1.2. It's certainly not incompatible with 2.1.2.

If FreeType 2.1.2 gets metrics wrong for some font, that's a FreeType
bug.... (to say the obvious.) But I haven't seen that in my 
personal experience. (FreeType-2.1.2 has a bug where artificial slanted
fonts get awfully wrong metrics, but Pango never uses artifically
slanted fonts.)


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