gdk/gtk drawing?

Im trying to port Gnome2 to a new platform and have some problem
I have manage to compiler everything and link it, replacing gdk with a lot
of stubs and printf's. My problem right now is that I cant make the darn
thing draw anything usefull, or call a function were I have to add some code.

My startup pice of code is the gtk arrow example, I have manage to open
window and some subwindows but no drawing in them, My question is were is
the drawing rutines called from. Is it some sort of event? (I have not
ported any event handeling?)

My main question is from what function I should start tracking the draw
functions. Any help is appritiated.

If anyone want more info I have put up a log of function calling nestling, I
have only included gtk and gdk functions it is little more then 600kb :

Here is how it should be read.

(calling depth) ->func (enter function)
(calling depth)   text (my own debug printf's)
(calling depth) <-func (exit function)

Stefan "Zingo" Andersen   ( and

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