Re: CVS branching

Sebastian Wilhelmi <wilhelmi ira uka de> writes:

> On Sat, 2002-03-16 at 03:18, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > 
> > Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes: 
> > >  Move aside, 'cvs rm' the old ChangeLog. (That is, take this opportunity
> > >  to get rid of excess ChangeLogs)
> > >
> > 
> > I'm very in favor of one ChangeLog per module. It's really annoying to
> > dig around for the right one, and to cut-and-paste from more than one
> > when commiting.
> I have now committed my ChangeLog entry to glib/GhangeLog instead of
> glib/gthread/ChangeLog. 
> Shouldn't someone go ahead and do: 
> mv ChangeLog CangeLog-pre-2-0

ChangeLog.pre-2-0, actually.

> cvs rm ChangeLog
> cvs add ChangeLog-pre-2-0

This actually should be done on the cvs server. (History is not that
important for the ChangeLog, but the general policy is that all moves
should be done as a 'cp' on the server, followed by a 'cvs rm' on
the original file.)
> include ChangeLog-pre-2-0 into EXTRA_DIST in
> cvs commit ChangeLog-pre-2-0
> in the following dirs:
> glib/gthread
> glib/gobject

Tim has asked that the gobject/ChangeLog be kept separate.
May be a bit confusing if we merge the rest, but he has final call

> glib/gmodule
> gtk+/gdk-pixbuf
> I'm not so sure about:
> gtk+/docs/reference                   [might be a good idea to also move
> glib/docs/reference                    them both to a central ChangeLog]

I'd like to see these gotten rid of as separate changelogs ... it's
quite frequent to update docs and code in a single commit and having
two ChangeLogs is a pain.

> gtk+/contrib/gdk-pixbuf-xlib          [should be probable left alone]

Keeping this one separate is probably good considering that it is in
no sense maintained by the GTK+ team.

> gtk+/po                               [no idea]
> glib/po                               [no idea]

These should be left alone, I think.
> I'm pretty sure, we shouldn't do it in
> glib/build
> gtk+/build
> gtk+/intl
> as they are external modules linked into gtk+ and glib.
> What do you think. Should I go ahead?

I think direct login access to the CVS machine is required here. I can
move do the copies when I get back to working on general stuff (early
next weak.)


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