Re: spawn problem - success

Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> writes:
> Havoc Pennington writes:
>  > Windows-specific notes are very welcome anywhere in the docs.
> But where should I add Windows-specific notes for the
> g_spawn_command_* functions? In gspawn.c, gspawn-win32.c, or somewhere
> else? I don't really know how gtk-doc works, have never tried it (even
> on Unix)... Should the gtk-doc comments copy-pasted from gspawn.c into
> gspawn-win32.c be removed to avoid confusion which ones are the
> "official"?

Yes, I think we want to always have the docs in the unix version of
the code (since we have to pick one). Then you can just add notes 
in the magic comments in there. Also, there's a file 
gtk+/docs/reference/gtk/windows.sgml where overview-of-windows type 
of things can go.


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