Re: optimizing NOP emissions (Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus & signals)

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On Thu Apr 11, 2002 at 05:00:00PM -0700, Dave Benson wrote:
> I agree, and i've often wondered if gtk/glib shouldn't include
> a script for generating "stub" objects; i've written a couple
> only one of which is partially adapted for glib2.0's object
> system.  nonetheless it produces valid glib objects and i'd
> be happy to tidy it up to make the rest of it work right
> and be in proper glib-style if people actually want such a script.
> this version goes way overboard, trying to provide
> easy arguemnt (ie broken), signal and overriding by way
> of a data file which describes such things.
> for the moment, just ignore those details...
> not all of which work 2.0 style (eg the thing still
> spits out 1.2 argument implementation)
> i'd probably cut that out, unless the added complexity seems worth
> it.  (i have another script which scans .h files to make the data files)


Or one could try my gwizard emacs-lisp script, which is described here:

(actually it's a code generator for Bonobo-components, but it does 
support generation of GtkObject 'subclasses' as well; if time permits
I may upgrade it to support GObject, Bonobo2 as well. Shouldn't be
too hard.


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