Re: pangox.aliases on various X platforms...

> ] Creating the right pangox.alias is a packaging problem. 
> ] It is not intended that it should behave right on make install
> ] out of the box. (This is why the file is in pango/examples)

But this is definitely an issue when doing binary packages and when
distributing these binaries, since people may or may not have the exact same
configuration. How is this supposed to work ? What is the exact use of
pangox.aliases and what are the consequences of an innacurate file ?

What would be a way to generate a proper pangox.aliases ?

I hope you realize such dependencies makes it even more difficult to create
self contained binaries for platforms that do not have Gtk+ pre installed
and pre configured (the usual case on most unix and windows platforms).

Currently with Gtk+ 2.0, you need to distribute about 3 or 4 files, and set
about the same number of environment variables to distribute something based
on Gtk+ 2.0, compared to Gtk 1.2 where one could distribute a single


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