Bug 63401 - gtk_text_iter_inside_word () and gtk_text_iter_inside_sentence () are senceless?

Hi ,

I'm the submitter of the closed #63401 (gtk_text_iter_inside_word () and
gtk_text_iter_inside_sentence () are

Havoc said:
" The "inside" functions use a sort of Pango extension to the standard. See the
docs for pango_break()"

But docs for pango_break() as well as docs for all the functions in Pango
"Rendering" chapter do not describe the actual rule of finding word, line,
sentence breaks. I.e. it's impossible to understand where that Pango extension
contradicts to Unicode standard (I think that if
gtk_text_iter_inside_word/sentence () returns FALSE then it contradicts to
Unicode standard because Unicode standard doesn't expect any gaps between
words/sentences, i.e. every symbol belongs to a word/sentence, see chapter 5.15
of Unicode standard - www.unicode.org).

Is the complete documentation of Pango word/sentence/line breaking algorithms
Why Pango is designed to contradict to Unicode standard?


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