[Language Binders] Re: Chaining Class Closures

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Tim Janik wrote:

> a long outstanding issue in the signal system is chaining from
> class signal handlers to parent class signal handlers in language
> bindings where custom closures are being used.
> to enable that facility, i propose the addition of two new functions,
> and like to discuss the public API here.


> comments, especially from LB authors, are apprechiated.

hm, i whished for at least one or two comments from LB authors on whether
they think this will suit their needs.

or maybe just "i didn't understand your proposal, could you elaborate
on <foo>?" ;)

so any comments are aprechiated, even if it's just "this is fine, go
for it", for reference, the original mail is at:


> ---
> ciaoTJ


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