Re: paste from/to extern app broken ?

>Erwann Chenede <Erwann Chenede Sun COM> writes:
>> 	Anybody noticed that the paste to and from 
>> 	external applications is broken in HEAD ? 
>> 	(Simple test : start testgtk, select entry,
>> 	 select text in a term try to paste it it
>> 	 one of the entry, nothing happens).
>> 	Or is it just a local problem with the 
>> 	version	I built this morning ?
>It works here, it may be an issue with the exact terminal you are

After some more testing it seems to be working fine with 
other gtk apps, partially with xterm and motif apps and not 
at all with gnome-terminal...

Just as a test I ran a testgtk on a remote display (a linux box)
and everything seemed to be work fine.

So my best guess for the moment would be that it has something to 
do with Sun's xserver (which would be actually really strange ) or 
something else...

I'll investigate that more details tomorrow...



[ I speak for myself, not for my employer. ]
  Erwann Chénedé, Sun Microsystems Ireland
  Desktop Applications & Middleware Group

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