paste in GtkTextBuffer

It seems like GtkTextBuffer is too inflexible, but maybe i'm missing
something.  Hear my use case:

i'm using TextTags to delinate the bounds of external data.  In other
words, the styles aren't just for aethetic appearance but actually
mean something.

When i select some text and press the middle button, then the text
is pasted, with the original TextTags.  This breaks the syncronization
between the TextTag spans and my external data.

Examining the GtkTextBuffer source code, i see that paste_from_buffer
calls gtk_text_buffer_real_insert_range which appears impossible
to customize for my purposes.

If i could disable the paste function from copying tags then i
would be happy.  Any other suggestions?

Shall i file a bugzilla report?

Victory to the Divine Mother!!

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