Re: MSVC warning pragmas

Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> writes:

> 2001-11-23  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>
> 	* : added recommended pragma list for
> 	msvc again. They are an invaluable help of letting the
> 	compiler catch bugs.
> I won't object that these pragmas indeed are useful most of the
> time. But is it really GLib's job to dictate for developers working
> with any GLib-using software that various compiler warnings are turned
> on and off in source files that include (indirectly) glibconfig.h?
> It would be OK to have these in (and thus only
> affect compilation of GLib itself). But what if some GLib-using
> software really needs to be compiled with "truncation from int to
> char" warnings when searching for some elusive bug, for instance. The
> developer working on finding said bug won't be pleased to notice that
> glibconfig.h has turned off those warnings.

This does sound a little odd to have these in a library header file. 

The other problem with putting such things in a standard header file
is that you are basically frozen at what you picked the first time; if
you later change the set or people will suddenly get unexpected
results from their compilation.


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