Re: Keynav on togglebuttons

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Damon recently filed a couple of bugs he noticed porting the widget
> palette in Glade to GTK+-2.0. (#65723, #65725)
> The way the widget palette works is that it is _one_ radio group split
> over three notebook pages. draw_indicator is FALSE for the radio
> buttons so they look like normal toggle buttons.
> <snip proposed behaviour>
> I'd be interested in feedback about how other people think
> the behavior should be and if this sounds reasonable.

I'm basically fine with ensuring that things that look like toggle
buttons behave like toggle buttons.  Although I'm a tad concerned we
might be patching things up to cope with a somewhat idiosyncratic use of
standard widgets (splitting a single radio button group over multiple
notebook tabs)... if real toggle buttons don't do what Damon wanted, we
should probably have spent some time fixing those instead  :)


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