Re: Gtk 2.0 signals in GtkEntry

Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com> writes:

> Havoc:
> > move-cursor is an action signal; if it were a notification signal it
> > would be called "cursor-moved"
> > 
> > So here you basically need to add a cursor-moved signal and implement
> > having it be emitted at the proper times.
> Here is a patch that implements the "cursor-moved" signal on GtkEntry
> widgets.  Can you add this to CVS?  The patch is based upon CVS head of 
> May 29th.  I've tested it and it works well.

Once again, let me point out what I said in:

The notification for the ::text_position property needs to be fixed
in any case, and once we have that, I don't see a point in having
a separate cursor-moved signal.


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