Re: Gtk 2.0 GtkEntry and GtkLabel Pango Info

Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun COM> writes: 
> So, is it the case that GtkEntry doesn't support any properties that
> would be useful to export in the ATK API?  It would help if you would
> share more specific information about which attributes the GtkEntry 
> does use?
> In addition to a function for getting the properties, the ATK API
> supports setting the properties if the text is editable.  So, if the
> user has the ability to change the property values in the entry field,
> then it is also necessary to provide access functions to allow the
> ATK API to change them as well.  Is the GtkEntry widget a unique
> beast in the sense that it has attributes, but doesn't allow them to
> ever be changed?  If so, then this may require us to tweak the ATK
> API to best handle this sort of situation.

The entry doesn't allow bold, italic, colored, etc. text; all the text
will be in the widget's default font and colors which are in
widget->style, except that selected text is in a different color (but
still taken from the style).

So what I'm saying is that there are never any interesting properties
on the text in an entry, it's just plain old text. Neither the program
nor the user can set properties on it.


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