GtkRadioMenuItem set active problem


I've come across a problem with GtkRadioMenuItem. The only way to set the active item in a group is to call 'gtk_check_menu_item_set_active' which also emits an 'activate' signal. This is ok when a program is up and running but when you are initializing a program, emitting an 'activate' signal can be undesireable. When adding a group of radiomenuitems all you really want to do is let GtkRadioMenuItem know which way to draw its indicator. Since 'gtk_radio_menu_item_draw_indicator' checks 'GtkCheckMenuItem::active' before drawing the indicator wouldn't it be reasonable to let GtkRadioMenuItem have a way to set/unset this flag without emitting an 'activate signal. The best place for this might be as extra parameter in the 'gtk_radio_menu_item_new' functions.


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