MOD1_MASK key binding in GtkEnitry

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Hello hackers,

There are some accelerators in GtkEntry that bind to a 
MOD1_MASK'ed key. Namelly M-f & M-d. I was adding accelerators
to a dialog this morning and wanted to use the M-d accelerator.
While i was coding the ugly work arround (which is have a 
my_gtk_entry widget or bind to the key press signal) I browsed
over the 1.3 code and found that the new gtk entry is still
binding to this keys.

MOD1_MASK shuold be left for dialog accelators, this is conceptualy
broken because if i am in a check button, the M-d binding does
gives focus to the widget it is accelerating but when the focus
is in a entry, it deletes the next word.

So as i see it we have 3 options :

1. Avoid the use of M-d & M-f accelerators (broken)
2. Add work arround in applications that want to use _D or _F (hacky)
3. Remove the accelators from gtkentry (unpopular)

Any thougths ?


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