proposal: gdk_draw_focus_rectangle

while trying to keep Gtk+2.0 up-to-date on win32, I stumbled
over just another limitation in the Windoze API. It is 
not possible to draw a really dotted line (one pixel drawn, one
pixel empty) with standard GDI (Win9x) functions. The 'dotted' line
style draws and leaves _four_ pixels instead. As a result
the focus indication looks somewhat ugly.

With a little cooperation from the Gtk core team it would be possible
to use the GDI standard function DrawFocusRect, which is used
for focus indication on plain win32.

So I propose to add the following function to the gdk backends:

gdk_draw_focus_rectangle (GdkDrawable *drawable,
		    GdkGC       *gc,
		    gint         x,
		    gint         y,
		    gint         width,
		    gint         height)

Is there any chance that a corresponding patch will be accepted
or will it get the recently common "BROKEN!"-brandmark ?


-------- Hans "at" Breuer "dot" Org -----------
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get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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