gobject.c (g_value_set_object)

Tue May 22 02:46:13 2001  Tim Janik  <timj gtk org>

	* gobject.c (g_value_set_object): make g_value_set_object()
	take a gpointer v_object so people don't need to G_OBJECT()
	cast NULL pointers (C code convenience).

breaks the Gtk build (on win32 with msvc) with the following message:

gtkaccellabel.c(167) : error C4047: 'function' : 'void ** ' differs in
levels of indirection from 'struct _GObject *'

[25 times more in gtk]

changing the prototype to take a gpointer and not a gpointer* :

g_value_set_object (GValue   *value,
		    gpointer  *v_object)


g_value_set_object (GValue   *value,
		    gpointer  v_object)

solves the problem. Is this ok to commit or is there another
prefered sollution ?

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