Re: gthread-win32.c

> 227 g_mutex_unlock (entered_mutex);
> 228
> 229 win32_check_for_error (WAIT_FAILED !=
> 230 (retval = WaitForSingleObject (event, milliseconds)));
> 231
> 232 wilhelmi 1.1 g_mutex_lock (entered_mutex);
> Lines 227-230 should be ObjectSignalAndWait, if supported.

Yes this is what we were discussing earlier... Lines 227 and 230 should be
atomic, otherwise a wakeup could arrive between them, and the thread would
sleep anyway.

As Steven said, you could detect Windows NT at startup and just use
SignalObjectAndWait() here... Actually, I wonder if it might be possible to
avoid lost wakeups if the per-thread 'event' is a manual-reset event instead
of an auto-reset event... With a manual-reset event it wouldn't matter if
the cond_broadcast/cond_signal came before this thread's
WaitForSingleObject(), because the event would remain signalled...


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