Re: GtkRange rewrite


OK, all issues I know of are now fixed, and except where noted in
ChangeLog, this range is indistinguishable from old GtkRange. testgtk
range controls test is pixel-for-pixel identical as far as I
see. Update policies work (unless I misunderstand them) and the
sprintf/scanf digit-rounding hack is back in action.

Needs someone to break it (jrb has patented breaking-it skills, maybe
he can do it ;-)

Oh, I forgot to mention in ChangeLog that middle-click now begins a
drag in addition to jumping to the clicked point.

While I now emulate old GtkScale focus drawing exactly, this means the
focus is pretty invisible - maybe we should leave 3 pixels instead of
2 between the range and the text, and draw the focus around the
outside of the scale? Does Windows have this control, if so what does
it do?

Also, since last posting I killed GtkTroughType and added


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