Re: #52434 - Lock accelerators by default

On 21 May 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

> > 1) support accel locking globally throguh rc-files
> > 2) runtime accel changes on menus honouring mnemonics in conflict resolution
> > 3) default locking of menuitem accelerators that got no accel group
> >    through item factory (or equivalent mechanism)
> > 4) nuked the global default accel group (NULL)
> I don't really understand. What are you saying we don't need?

a lock-all-accels-on-this-widget flag, rather i don't understand
why you want it.

> 1) This patch adds a GtkSetting for this
> 2) Doesn't seem related.

well, it's one of the problems that people run into that might
cause them to want per-widget accel locks.

> 3) How do you find out if a widget has an accelerator or not? (Other than
>  checking to see if accelerators are locked for the widget or not.)

that can be determined from whether the item factory handles this menu
(and tehrefore if accel changes can be saved).
havoc outlined this on gtk-list (and maybe on gtk-devel even).

> 4) Doesn't really seem related.

it is, without a default accel group currently runtime
changable menuitems that don't have an accel group (e.g.
from an item factory) wouldn't be changable at all.

> Regads,
>                                         Owen


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