Re: stock icons to add

Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com> writes:
> The standard MS Office icons for
>     - Font colour selector
>     - Background colour selector
> are also generally applicable because people are familiar with them.
> Gnumeric also has a few useful icons for
>     - print preview
>     - sort ascending/descending

OK, cool. I'll try to dig these out.

Anyone know of other general-interest stock icons we should add?

> The sort icons and several of the font info icons raise an
> interesting point.  They are locale specific.
> eg
>     'B' for bold does not make much sense in several languages.


Good point. We need to think this through.

Possibly the simplest solution is to go back to gtk 1.2's
locale-specific rc files.

For the really common locale issue (RTL vs LTR) there's already
support for just shipping an icon for either direction.

> > stock_paste.png
> We don't have an icon for 'paste special' but it would be useful.

Need to poke tigert. ;-)

> > These are too application-specific
> > 
> > stock_spellcheck.png
> If we have font icons and text alignment icons this one seems fairly
> generic too.  Along the same lines having left, centre, right
> suggests h-justify, top, middle, & bottom.

Yep. (Though for the latter, again we need someone to draw them.)

Another thing I just thought of - tigert weren't the current icons
redone with 1-bit alpha in mind? We are displaying them with full
alpha now, if they can be beautified in light of that...


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